Rain Water Harvesting

In its simplest form, Rain Water Harvesting is capturing the rain from the sky and storing it in a tank or vessel for later use.

We stock all the equipment required to make this process possible, with the ability to customise systems for each customers’ individual circumstances.

Products include diverters, pipework and fittings to ensure the rain water capturing process can be maximized and filtration to ensure the water is of a suitable quality for your individual application.

We keep a small selection of Poly Rain Water Tanks in stock for quick pickup or local delivery.

However, we have access to the full range of products from Clark Tanks, Melro and Polymaster, three of the largest suppliers in Victoria.

Utilising the products across these 3 companies we have access to small round and slimline tanks for some of those tighter spaces, through to larger backyard options and even larger rural alternatives.

These tanks can be ordered in a wide variety of colours to suit your specific requirements and we have a range of spare parts in stock to assist with ongoing maintenance.

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