Irrigation Systems

With 30+ years in the Water and Irrigation Industry, Water Life are the people to discuss your next irrigation project with.

No project is too big or too small. We are ready to assist you in designing and supplying product for your next project including;

  • Micro Irrigation for your pot plants
  • Water Saving Drip Irrigation
  • Spray Irrigation for your Garden Beds
  • Pop Up Irrigation for your Lawn
  • Septic Waste Water Dispersal Systems
  • Impact Sprinkler Irrigation around the Farm
  • Watering the Oval at the Local School; or
  • Keeping the Golf Course green for the Members

Including automation to any of your irrigation systems or adding automation to an existing system is all part of our design service. We stock various models of controllers, cable and solenoid valves or automatic taps to make it an easy process. These vary from budget conscious models to full WiFi versions that can access public weather stations to adapt your watering programs.

To learn more or discuss your next projects requirements contact us...

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